The new Ethermon Era begins tomorrow Trainers! We’re thrilled to announce the beginnings of Genesis Reborn with the initial release of these Mons in the “Starter Store” starting Thursday July 29th 3pm UTC

In the recent past we have announced this brand new set release featuring revised versions of the original Genesis Mons, you can read on the details here. Trainers will now have the opportunity to catch one of the very first 4 Gen0 Mons released from this new set. All new Mons will be immediately usable in 2D and in the Decentralands 3D metaverse.

Introducing Genesis Reborn

Hello again Ethermon family! Iman here recapping some relevant happenings within our community to keep everyone in the loop. I’m always excited to share the progress and growth when writing one of these. We’re on a mission to build a massive community filled with positive vibes bringing even more excitement to the play to earn arena.

The metaverse is continuing to grow and sentiment toward projects building in it is improving drastically. This should mean a continued increase in players looking to begin their metaverse experiences. What better place to start than the biggest digital pet universe we are creating.

Major shifts are coming to the Ethermon Universe. We’re proud to announce a new generation of Mon release is on the horizon! The Rifts of Polygon remain open and are bringing new versions of Matic Mons.

The trainer community has blown up since the launch of EMON. More than 70k players have decided to take part in the Ethermon mission and are eager to explore our play-to-earn ecosystem.

Because of this player base boom, we’ve decided to expand the existing universe by releasing a new set of mons on the Polygon layer 2 ecosystem. We are basing this new set…

Per request from members of the community, we’ve decided to encapsulate the spirit of the conversations happening during our discord calls every week into readable form. We love the direction the Ethermon community is heading, every week we witness signs of growth and its especially reflected during these gatherings.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to attend these calls due to the nature of our international presence. 1pm CST on Wednesdays works for one half of the planet, but for the other half these calls are going down during precious resting hours. …

Attention all Ethermon community members! The top 3 builds of the #buildtoearn competition have been determined! After a long deliberation process among the team we’ve come to a majority consensus on which builds will be left up to the community to deliberate on from here.

The community voting is now open and will close at July 15th 6pm UTC. We have added an extra voting day to account for the delayed deliberation result that took a little longer than expected.

Below are the 3 builds to decide. Keep in mind first place will claim its place as the starter house…

Another Dev update coming in hot! It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve last published one of these. We’ve been keeping everyone in the loop through our community discord calls we have every week. Be sure to attend these gatherings if you can for multiple reasons. It helps our community expand and strengthen and also it is the best opportunity to discuss dev task items or relay any feedback and concerns.

The Ethermon Dev team has expanded in the last couple of weeks to accelerate both 2D and 3D game feature development. We want to be sure as development progresses…

We’re happy to announce on-chain conversion for Mons bought in Decentraland is now completed and ready for claim processing!

Since the start of our existence within DCL, we’ve released several Mons from the Ethermon Egg Nest. If you own one of the Mon from the list below, you will have the opportunity over the next couple of weeks to convert them on-chain. For those who do not own them and want an opportunity to buy them before claiming begins, they are being sold at all Egg Nest locations throughout DCL

Dorentu, Naviumi, Yarmeow, Kyari, Finray, Pricktile

Well done Ethermon community! We’ve accomplished our first initiative as a collective to create the first ever Ethermon house to be deployed in our Decentraland district.

2 weeks ago we began the #buildtoearn campaign asking 3D architects to design and build the starter house that will be core to the gameplay within the metaverse. We wanted to unleash the creative potential within the community as opposed to internally deciding how this core gameplay component should look.

Since then we’ve received 11 submissions and will now begin the process for narrowing down to the top 3. Ultimately the community will decide…

3D Gameplay Continues to Rise 📈

Getting our community and player base comfortable with the 3D metaverse is very important to us. As we continue to roll out new game content to our ever expanding game universe, we want to be sure as many players are familiar with the metaverse experience. We’re doing that by continually rewarding 3D game participation through the Silver Ticket grind fest.

Seeing the total ticket count rise so much by the end of every bi-weekly rewards distribution is exactly our goal. We’ve already breached the 500k ticket mark! We truly have some ticket grinding masters within the community, these abilities will…

Attention to all Ethermon Trainers! We’re making some minor adjustments to the EMON prize pools for the 2D Battle Ladder system. We’ve seen increased participation across the board with the recent revamp of the ladders described here, now we want to finely tune the system to ensure we maintain a competitive culture within the community to drive more toward higher level progression.

To add to this, we also want to increase the rewards for achieving #1 status as it should be celebrated for accomplishing this feat.

Starting immediately after the closing of this currently ongoing tournament period that ends on…


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