Starting NOW you’ll be able to find Glowing Pumpkins on any LAND with an Ethermon Garden Bed Meta. You’ll also be able to find Halloween Tickets by digging. This event will run until November 4th Noon UTC.

Glowing Pumpkins can be found randomly on Garden Bed Metas — the spawn chance is 50%. For every pumpkin you find you’ll receive a Halloween Ticket. You can find even more tickets by digging, the loot rate is also 50%.

You can find active Garden Bed Meta locations HERE (highlighted = active).

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The player that finds the most tickets by the end of the event will receive 1 Ethermon Wearable from the most recent set. The player that finds the second most tickets will receive 1 On-chain Level 28 Clothom Mon (a.k.a. …

We’ve seen how much the community enjoys Tournament Mode - we want to build that feeling of competition and excitement into all battles!

Starting today, 3 new competitive ladders will be added to the battle page. Each ladder will have its own specific Mon restrictions, similar to Tournament mode — this means only certain Mons can battle in a given ladder. Each ladder will have their own start time, duration, leader-board, rules & prizes.

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Ladder #1 (Beginner): Level 1–30, Form 1’s Only
Ladder #2 (Medium): Level 1–60, Any Form Allowed
Ladder #3 (Expert): Free-For-All, Any Mon Allowed

*There will be a countdown for each ladder before you can battle, but you can form your teams ahead of time. …

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What is the Egg Event?

The Egg Nest Event starts on 10/19 20:00 UTC and will run until 10/26 20:00 UTC. Visit any of the highlighted Meta locations HERE to find an Egg Nest!

During the event, you’ll be able to catch 5 brand new Mons. 1 of these Mons, Yarmeow, will ONLY be available during this event. After the event is over there will NEVER be another way to get it. We will also be hard-capping Yarmeow mint at 30. If 30 are found before the event is over it will be removed from the egg.

Each egg sells for 1000 MANA. 20% of every sale goes to the owner of the Egg Nest you make your purchase at (see Meta Information at the bottom). …

We’re proud to announce that Ethermon has acquired the rights to deploy on all 668 LAND of The Battleground District!

You know what that means… we’re turning Ethermon into a full-fledged MMORPG right here in Decentraland.

All Mons, both new and old, will be cross-compatible on our main site and in DCL.

You’ll be able to use them in skill based PvE & PvP battles, to catch wild Mons, to fight in towers, dungeons & gyms, to find mysterious loot, skins & wearables, and so much more.

Announcement Video

We’re designing the district with two major objectives in mind:

1) Strong focus on Play-to-Earn in more fun and creative ways
2) Keeping players continuously engaged when visiting…

Ethermon x Atari x Arkane — Major Gleam Campaign + Giveaway

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We are proud to announce that Ethermon has partnered with Atari & Arkane Network to bring you the biggest Gleam campaign of the year!

Get a chance to win up to $1,000 in ATARI tokens and exclusive Ethermon NFT’s by joining the Atari Token Gaming Competition (HERE) starting on September 4th!

The campaign consists of the main Atari competition and several side competitions. Each successfully performed task on Gleam will contribute towards your chances of winning prizes from the ‘Main Competition’. Completing tasks within each ‘Side Competition’ (i.e. …

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Prize Tournament II will commence on September 10th 14:00 UTC and run until September 17th 14:00 UTC. Players will be able to compete for over $1000 worth of prizes — and we have made this tournament truly fair for all participants (see New Features).


The rules are simple:

  1. Mons are restricted to Form-1 (first evolution) & Level 30 or below on entry.
  2. Enter you team by clicking on the “Tournament II” button on this page and then the “Form Team” button at the top.
  • You need a minimum of 3 Attacker Mons to form a team, the starter Mons are okay (see Off-Chain Mons below under New Features for how to get them for free) - additionally you can include 3 Support Mons to provide buffs (check out what “Ancestors” and “Gasons” can do here). …

Hello! It’s Cats from Kai!

Ethermon collaborated with the METAZONE team on creating a series of Meta (a series of deployable collection in decentrland, which will eventually become an NFT it self.) The 1st of these meta is a “Garden Bed” took off with great interest with more than 86 of them purchased within the first two week. Based on this meta we see the building of a foundation for seeing and interacting with Ethermon in various places in Decentraland (DCL).

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What is Ethermon x METAZONE trying to create in Decentraland? I would like to summarise the current vision.

What is an Ethermon Garden Bed?

Ethermon and the METAZONE team are developing with the goal of a grand world where Ethermon is loved as a pet in Decetraland where user can take care with them stroll along side with them and eventually fight foes together. …

Hurry! Don’t miss out your chance to get Spoulder & Foxeez from adventures!

Starting Now till end of the month or when 1 of each, final Evolution are found. There will be 5x the chance to catch a Foxeez or Spoulder from Adventure. That’s 25% Chance to Catch them when your Ethermon wonders to a Adventure site where they appears!

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Who will Catch the #3 Badge?

Ethereum Contract:

Spouder: Adventure Site 12, 15, 18

Foxeez: Adventure Site 29, 32, 35

See you on the adventure!
Ether#9999 — The NFT Professor

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Official website: <>
Discord (this site): <>
Medium: <>
Twitter: <>

アドベンチャーに冒険にいくプレイヤーの皆さんへ。 ここ数週間、イーサリアムのガス価格が非常に高く(20倍以上)なっており、 イーサモンを高額な手数料なしでプレイすることは非常に困難になっています。 これを念頭に置いて、チームはいくつかの代替案を検討してきましたが、今日 からモンのドロップ率を上げ、特別なモンスを捕まえるために必要な冒険が少な くなるようにします。

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レジェンダリーモンであるヴォードクイン(まだ捕獲されていない)の捕獲率を0.1%から0.3%に 引き揚げます。これに加えて、#1, #2, #3の3つのバッジが全て捕獲されるまで、 毎週0.1%ずつ捕獲確率を上げていきます。それ以降は通常の捕獲率に戻ります。

また、一部の新アドベンチャーモンの捕獲確率が2倍、3倍、またはそれ以上にな ります。詳細はDiscordのみでお知らせします。

それぞれのモンについて、各最終進化の#1、#2、#3が全て誕生するまで、捕獲率が上昇し続けます(またはガスが通常の状態に戻るまで)このチャンスを逃さないようにして ください。

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またガス高騰によりアドベンチャーに冒険しづらくなっているユーザーをサポートするため対策です。これまで、バックエンドサービスでエネルギーのやり取りを行うことで、す べてのユーザーにエネルギーをドロップできるようにするための特別な方法を考え てきました。これは、ユーザーが毎日ログインした時に無料でエネルギーを与える 方法を作成することを意味します。これは、7月中旬頃に実装されるでしょう。


Dear MonCatchers! Hope everyone is staying safe and well protected.

With Eth Gas Price very expensive (20x+) for the past few weeks, it has become quite difficult to play Ethermon without heavy fees. With this in mind, the team have been evaluating several alternatives, and a series of changes will occur starting today.

We will increase the drop rate of mons, so that less adventure is needed to catch that special mon! More BANGS for your Eth!

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Legendary Ethermon: Vaudequin

Effective immediately. Chance to catch the Legendary Vaudequin (which has yet to be caught) will be boosted from 0.1% to 0.3%. In addition to this we will increase the chance to catch him by 0.1% each week up until all 3 badges #1, #2, #3 is caught. …



Collect, train, battle and join epic adventures with your cute little Monsters on the blockchain. Discord:

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