Howdy Ethermon Family! It’s time for another update to the community about what has been achieved and what is being planned to release next. On Wednesday we held our regular community discord call which had a HUGE showing of support from the community. Over 250 in attendance as Me (Iman), Ryan (RMAC#1), and Will (RoboWill) got together to discuss upcoming Ethermon updates and dive deep into community governance and DAO philosophies. It was an excellent conversation, one that I think will have major impact on the future direction of expanding the community involvement in Ethermon development. …

Congratulations to all Trainers who have been grinding and earning EMON from 2D battle victories! This past week alone more then $4,500 USD worth of rewards are to be distributed. We’re making new changes to bring in more player participation and to ensure the ladder remains fair and balanced.

For the 2D PVP Battle Ladder #5 we have new Mon type additions this week. Starting August 31st Water Type Mons are officially able to participate in the guaranteed EMON rewards per win ladder. Also, the leveling cap will remain at level 40!

Ethermon community continues to thrive and show strong signs of growth across the board. We’re well on our way to solidifying ourselves as one of the top play-to-earn game verses in existence. Already major players in the blockchain space are starting to recognize this. Coingecko has recently published an article detailing the Top 7 Play-to-Earn Games and we were listed among them. We are absolutely thrilled to be recognized among some of the greats pushing this movement forward. It is thanks to all of you loyal Ethermon Trainers we have gotten to this point.


The discord community continues to expand…

We’re extremely happy to welcome the Coin Market Cap community to Ethermon! Those who have participated in the CMC Diamond Loyalty program and spent their Diamonds to win a Mon NFT, CMC giveaway claim is tomorrow: Wednesday, August 25 at 6am UTC

During this campaign, 10,000 Mon NFTs were available for diamond purchasing. Upon purchase you were guaranteed to win either a Snobbit or Hambrisk to play in Ethermon’s 2D and 3D play-to-earn game modes. 10 lucky players will win a Legendary Juphant Mon NFT; worth 0.75 ETH each! When purchasing a Mon through CMC website, you were given a…

We had another amazing community call in the Ethermon discord this week! We love to see the attendance continue to grow and the passion really shine through from the audience when we’re speaking.

Already CipherWill has become great source material for meme factory, we hope to see that continue 😂 The community has already assigned him as RoboWill, SexyvoiceWill, and DelayWill haha. You guys are crushing us with your sense of humor during these calls. We also had a bit of a mishap with the weekly POAP #9 as well but toward the end of the call the problem was…

Trainers, today is a very big day in the history of Ethermon. Ladder 5 competition will begin at 3pm UTC and will immediately allow players to win EMON for every match victory! GET HYPED!🔥

We’ve announced recently the details of this new ladder and how it will be dynamic in its requirements to participate every week. Please review it here before you begin your ladder 5 conquest. Not included in that post are some key points to consider 👇

📌EMON will be rewarded for every ladder victory (Updated Sept 9, 2021) EMON Winning Calc: (Player Win Count x 0.5 …

Incredible Community Growth Continues 🚀

Our discord server has grown tremendously over the last month. Today, we crossed over 10,000 members and we are just getting started! We love and appreciate every single one of you new Trainers joining the Ethermon mission. Together we will build the strongest play-to-earn community in the world!

Great news Trainers, we are thrilled to announce some major changes are coming to the Ethermon 2D Battle Ladder ecosystem enhancing the play-to-earn opportunity for all!

Over the last month we’ve seen an incredible rise of new community members as we’re now over 130k total players! This has been a mind blowing experience and has caused us to make many changes to improve the experience across the board. Upgrading servers, releasing new generation of Mon for new players, and now our efforts are shifting toward expanding the play-to-earn ecosystem further.

EMON Reward Upgrades to All Ladders 🔥

To account for the influx of players battling it out…

The new Ethermon Era begins tomorrow Trainers! We’re thrilled to announce the beginnings of Genesis Reborn with the initial release of these Mons in the “Starter Store” starting Thursday July 29th 3pm UTC

In the recent past we have announced this brand new set release featuring revised versions of the original Genesis Mons, you can read on the details here. Trainers will now have the opportunity to catch one of the very first 4 Gen0 Mons released from this new set. All new Mons will be immediately usable in 2D and in the Decentralands 3D metaverse.

Introducing Genesis Reborn

Hello again Ethermon family! Iman here recapping some relevant happenings within our community to keep everyone in the loop. I’m always excited to share the progress and growth when writing one of these. We’re on a mission to build a massive community filled with positive vibes bringing even more excitement to the play to earn arena.

The metaverse is continuing to grow and sentiment toward projects building in it is improving drastically. This should mean a continued increase in players looking to begin their metaverse experiences. What better place to start than the biggest digital pet universe we are creating.


Collect, train, battle and join epic adventures with your cute little Monsters on the blockchain. Website:

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