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MegaCube was created by the fantastic Polygonal Mind team. There will be an event starting at 21:00 UTC TODAY (Jan 29). Giant cubes full of prizes will spawn all over Decentraland!

How Does it Work?

Players have to log into using a Metamask account. Once there they will go to the parcel where the MegaCube is located, and then they can start mining it right away! (Keep an eye on Polygonal Mind’s twitter to see the location for each cube.)

To mine players have to click the blocks, very similar to Minecraft mining style.

Once the MegaCube is fully mined, the Big Reward…

Happy Holidays from everyone at the Ethermon Team! We’re going to be holding a Dig Event to celebrate Christmas and the New Year!

The event will start December 26th 5:00 PM UTC and run until January 4th 5:00PM UTC!

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Ethermon Holiday Ticket

Candy Canes will appear on all Garden Beds at a 50% spawn rate. Find them and feed them to YOUR Mon to earn a Ticket!

You can also Dig for Tickets! There is a 75% chance to find them when you Dig. You can also find food (to gain more energy and keep digging!).

ALSO, there will be a very slim…

*Join the Ethermon Co-Founders in the MATIC Telegram on December 18th 8:00 PM IST (2:30 PM UTC) for our AMA!*

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This blog post will explain everything you need to know about staking (delegating) MATIC tokens on the Ethermon Validator Node & earning bonus EMONT (our native ERC-20 token).

Staking Details:

Ethermon will take 0% validator commission fees for the first 60 days — this means that stakers (delegators) will receive the full APY% (MATIC staking rewards).

We will take a snapshot on February 15th 2021 and distribute EMONT to all of our stakers. …

Ethermon becomes available everywhere in Decentraland! Starting Sunday, December 21st 2020, the Ethermon Biome: WildGrass-Meta will become available. Pick one up and deploy it for Wild Mons and mysterious monsters to appear on your LAND.

Hint: You can catch Wild Mons and Earn MARKS (a new currency) for defeating monsters (read more below)

Airdrop! On December 20th, every unique address with at least 1 LAND will also be able to claim a WildGrass-Meta for FREE on (snapshot taken on the 20th). …

Starting NOW you’ll be able to find Glowing Pumpkins on any LAND with an Ethermon Garden Bed Meta. You’ll also be able to find Halloween Tickets by digging. This event will run until November 4th Noon UTC.

Glowing Pumpkins can be found randomly on Garden Bed Metas — the spawn chance is 50%. For every pumpkin you find you’ll receive a Halloween Ticket. You can find even more tickets by digging, the loot rate is also 50%.

You can find active Garden Bed Meta locations HERE (highlighted = active).

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The player that finds the most tickets by the end of…

We’ve seen how much the community enjoys Tournament Mode - we want to build that feeling of competition and excitement into all battles!

Starting today, 3 new competitive ladders will be added to the battle page. Each ladder will have its own specific Mon restrictions, similar to Tournament mode — this means only certain Mons can battle in a given ladder. Each ladder will have their own start time, duration, leader-board, rules & prizes.

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Ladder #1 (Beginner): Level 1–30, Form 1’s Only
Ladder #2 (Medium): Level 1–60, Any Form Allowed
Ladder #3 (Expert): Free-For-All, Any Mon Allowed

*There will be…

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What is the Egg Event?

The Egg Nest Event starts on 10/19 20:00 UTC and will run until 10/26 20:00 UTC. Visit any of the highlighted Meta locations HERE to find an Egg Nest!

During the event, you’ll be able to catch 5 brand new Mons. 1 of these Mons, Yarmeow, will ONLY be available during this event. After the event is over there will NEVER be another way to get it. We will also be hard-capping Yarmeow mint at 30. If 30 are found before the event is over it will be removed from the egg.

Each egg sells for 1000 MANA. 20% of…

We’re proud to announce that Ethermon has acquired the rights to deploy on all 668 LAND of The Battleground District!

You know what that means… we’re turning Ethermon into a full-fledged MMORPG right here in Decentraland.

All Mons, both new and old, will be cross-compatible on our main site and in DCL.

You’ll be able to use them in skill based PvE & PvP battles, to catch wild Mons, to fight in towers, dungeons & gyms, to find mysterious loot, skins & wearables, and so much more.

Announcement Video

We’re designing the district with two major objectives in mind:


Ethermon x Atari x Arkane — Major Gleam Campaign + Giveaway

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We are proud to announce that Ethermon has partnered with Atari & Arkane Network to bring you the biggest Gleam campaign of the year!

Get a chance to win up to $1,000 in ATARI tokens and exclusive Ethermon NFT’s by joining the Atari Token Gaming Competition (HERE) starting on September 4th!

The campaign consists of the main Atari competition and several side competitions. Each successfully performed task on Gleam will contribute towards your chances of winning prizes from the ‘Main Competition’. Completing tasks within each ‘Side Competition’ (i.e. …

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Prize Tournament II will commence on September 10th 14:00 UTC and run until September 17th 14:00 UTC. Players will be able to compete for over $1000 worth of prizes — and we have made this tournament truly fair for all participants (see New Features).


The rules are simple:

  1. Mons are restricted to Form-1 (first evolution) & Level 30 or below on entry.
  2. Enter you team by clicking on the “Tournament II” button on this page and then the “Form Team” button at the top.
  • You need a minimum of 3 Attacker Mons to form a team, the starter Mons…


Collect, train, battle and join epic adventures with your cute little Monsters on the blockchain. Discord:

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