Decentraland Egg Nest Launch

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What is the Egg Event?

The Egg Nest Event starts on 10/19 20:00 UTC and will run until 10/26 20:00 UTC. Visit any of the highlighted Meta locations to find an Egg Nest!

During the event, you’ll be able to catch 5 brand new Mons. 1 of these Mons, Yarmeow, will ONLY be available during this event. After the event is over there will NEVER be another way to get it. We will also be hard-capping Yarmeow mint at 30. If 30 are found before the event is over it will be removed from the egg.

Each egg sells for 1000 MANA. 20% of every sale goes to the owner of the Egg Nest you make your purchase at (see Meta Information at the bottom).

It takes 1 hour for your egg to hatch. Once the hour is up, the egg will say “Ready”. Click on the egg and watch your Mon hatch right in front of you!

What are the Drop Rates?

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The event will start with all 5 Mons at 20% drop rate.

After 10 Yarmeow are found, the drop rates will change to the following: Naviumi 25%, Pricktile 25%, Dorentu 25%, Finray 20%, Yarmeow 5%.

That’s right, Yarmeow will decrease to 5% drop rate. This Mon will be considered seriously rare.

What can I do with these new Mons?

The launch of the Ethermon District will start with a Town Center surrounded by 3 Dungeons/Towers. Players will be able to use their Mons to fight enemies, climb the towers & claim rare loot rewards.

  • Tower 1 will be accessible with all Mons.
  • Tower 2 will be accessible with a special badge — this item will be given to all players who claim any 1 of the 5 Mons from this event.
  • Tower 3 will be accessible with another special badge — this item will be given to those who own Yarmeow.

The tower mechanics will be announced soon — essentially, you’ll be able to battle in each tower 2–4x per day. Having access to all 3 towers will give you more plays per day, which means more loot. There will be other ways to participate in Towers 2 & 3, such as “Entry Passes” that will drop from defeating enemies, completing quests, etc. However, it is confirmed that owning these Egg Mons will automatically give you these passes every day.

Although these Mons were made for DCL, they are cross-compatible on our main site as well ( where you can battle, adventure & compete in Prize Tournaments. We had a $1000 tournament last month and we’ll be making an announcement about updates to competitive play tomorrow (Hint: there will be consistent prizes every single week)!

Important Information (Off -> On Chain):

At first, all Mons from the Egg Nest will be OFF-CHAIN. They will still be usable on both our main site and in Decentraland, but you will not be able to sell/trade them right away.

We added off-chain capabilities as a short term solution for the spikes in gas prices. Users will be able to mint their off-chain Mons and transfer all DXP, EXP & levels on-chain on our main site whenever they like (can wait for gas to be low). This is a main priority and will be fully functional the first week of November.

We have also started to work with MATIC, expect some announcements on that soon.

The Egg Nest is a Meta, what does that mean?

Yes, the Egg Nest is a Meta. Think of each Meta like a franchise. For every sale at your Egg Nest, you receive 20% of the revenue. That’s 200 MANA (~$15 at time of writing) PER egg. You’re in charge of driving traffic to your specific location.

The Egg Nests are 100% player-owned. There is a max mint of 100 Nests. There are currently only 8, they will certainly be benefiting from this event.

In the future, the Egg Nest will be the main way to get Mons in DCL (both new & existing). More specific information about our plans for future Mon releases, schedules for porting all Mons into 3D, District roadmap, etc. will be announced this week.

Thanks for taking the time to read this & good luck during the event!

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