Ethermon Halloween Event!

Starting NOW you’ll be able to find Glowing Pumpkins on any LAND with an Ethermon Garden Bed Meta. You’ll also be able to find Halloween Tickets by digging. This event will run until November 4th Noon UTC.

Glowing Pumpkins can be found randomly on Garden Bed Metas — the spawn chance is 50%. For every pumpkin you find you’ll receive a Halloween Ticket. You can find even more tickets by digging, the loot rate is also 50%.

You can find active Garden Bed Meta locations HERE (highlighted = active).

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The player that finds the most tickets by the end of the event will receive 1 Ethermon Wearable from the most recent set. The player that finds the second most tickets will receive 1 On-chain Level 28 Clothom Mon (a.k.a. the spookiest Mon there is).

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Clothom — Mon 142

The pumpkins found in this event need to be fed to YOUR Mon to earn a ticket. Regular pumpkins, the best food from the Garden Bed, do not effect your ticket count — though you are free to use food to regain energy and dig even more! More information on the specific stats for each food in the guides-info-updates channel in the discord!

Good luck to everyone and enjoy DCL’s new night mode — it looks amazing!

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