Ethermon Holiday Dig Event!

Happy Holidays from everyone at the Ethermon Team! We’re going to be holding a Dig Event to celebrate Christmas and the New Year!

The event will start December 26th 5:00 PM UTC and run until January 4th 5:00PM UTC!

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Ethermon Holiday Ticket

Candy Canes will appear on all Garden Beds at a 50% spawn rate. Find them and feed them to YOUR Mon to earn a Ticket!

You can also Dig for Tickets! There is a 75% chance to find them when you Dig. You can also find food (to gain more energy and keep digging!).

ALSO, there will be a very slim chance to find Ethermon Wearables (Hat & Shoes)! If you happen to find one, you can go to -> click on My Assets -> and click the ‘Claim’ button in the top right for the actual NFT (Ethereum tx gas is required.)

Candy Canes can be found on any LAND with an active Ethermon Garden Bed Meta! Locations here:


Whoever collects the most tickets will be able to claim one Ethermon Wearable of their choice! (Winner 1)

Three (3) more winners will be chosen:

Winner 2— based on a raffle! The tickets you collect will count as 1 entry each. (Prize = Ethermon Hat)

Winner 3 — After the event is over, tweet how many tickets you got and tag @Ethermon_NFT (twitter linked below). All tweets will be entered into another raffle. Winner will be selected on January 5th at 5:00 PM UTC (Prize = Ethermon Shoes)

Winner 4 — Join our Telegram (Telegram linked below)! Everyone who is in there by January 5th 5:00 PM UTC will be entered into a THIRD raffle! (Prize = Ethermon Jacket)

We realized there are a lot of users who strictly use Telegram, so we want to build our community on both platforms!

*the same person can’t win multiple prizes

**winners for Prizes 1–4 will be sent wearables from Ethermon Team directly (not claimable on MetaZone)

Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays!

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