Ethermon joins the Atari Token Gaming Competition!

Ethermon x Atari x Arkane — Major Gleam Campaign + Giveaway

2 min readSep 4, 2020

We are proud to announce that Ethermon has partnered with Atari & Arkane Network to bring you the biggest Gleam campaign of the year!

Get a chance to win up to $1,000 in ATARI tokens and exclusive Ethermon NFT’s by joining the Atari Token Gaming Competition (HERE) starting on September 4th!

The campaign consists of the main Atari competition and several side competitions. Each successfully performed task on Gleam will contribute towards your chances of winning prizes from the ‘Main Competition’. Completing tasks within each ‘Side Competition’ (i.e. Ethermon specific tasks) will also contribute towards your chances of winning prizes from those respective competitions.

Here’s how you can win Atari tokens, NFT’s & EMONT through the Ethermon Side Competition:

  • Join the Ethermon Discord: 1 Point
  • Redeem your 3 Free Ethermon by adding an email to your account: 10 Points
  • Show off your Ethermon — tweet a picture of any of your Ethermon with the hashtags #Atari #AtariCompetition #Ethermon: 5 Points
  • Follow Ethermon_NFT on Twitter: 1 Point
  • Retweet the Ethermon_NFT campaign tweet with the hashtags #Atari #AtariCompetition #Ethermon: 2 Points
  • Enter the Ethermon Prize Tournament: 20 Points

The players who earn the highest points through the Ethermon Side Competition can win the following prizes:


1st Place: $100 in Atari tokens (1,000 Atari tokens) + 1,500 EMONT tokens + #1 Catch ‘Helichrome’ Mon

2nd-10th Place: ‘Helichrome’ Mon (valued at 0.2 ETH)

11th-20th Place: 250 EMONT each

In addition to the prizes from the Gleam Campaign, Ethermon will be awarding an additional $1000+ in prizes to the winners of the Ethermon Prize Tournament. Find out more about the Tournament rules, prizes & how to enter HERE.

The Gleam Campaign will run from September 4th - September 18th!

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us in our Discord! We will have a #gleam thread for all questions relating to the campaign.

Thanks for reading and best of luck!

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