Ethermon: More BANGS for The ETH (Buck) Chance for Legendary and No Gas Energy!

Dear MonCatchers! Hope everyone is staying safe and well protected.

With Eth Gas Price very expensive (20x+) for the past few weeks, it has become quite difficult to play Ethermon without heavy fees. With this in mind, the team have been evaluating several alternatives, and a series of changes will occur starting today.

We will increase the drop rate of mons, so that less adventure is needed to catch that special mon! More BANGS for your Eth!

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Legendary Ethermon: Vaudequin

Effective immediately. Chance to catch the Legendary Vaudequin (which has yet to be caught) will be boosted from 0.1% to 0.3%. In addition to this we will increase the chance to catch him by 0.1% each week up until all 3 badges #1, #2, #3 is caught. After that, the rate to catch him will return to normal.

In addition, we will be increasing the chance to catch certain new Adventure mons (doubling, tripling, or more it’s drop rate). Further announcement will happen over our discord only

Catch that Watuber to evolve it to Floatuber, and further evolve him to Chambrawl! Each increase will persist at the boosted Catch rate, until all #1, #2, #3 of each final Evolution have been born! (or when Gas goes back to normal < gwei). Don’t miss your opportunity to catch these exclusive Ethermon.

Final limited upgrade we will be adding to support the user in combating the high gas increase. We have been working on a special method to be able to drop Energy to all users via handling the energy transaction through our backend service. This mean, we will be creating ways to give users free energy when they log in each day!

See you on the adventure!
Ether#9999 — The NFT Professor

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