Ethermon: New Adventure Launch!

Releasing April 4th 2020 @ 2pm UTC
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(Be amongst the first to catch a new Ethermon with unique badges on them!)

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Welcome back Adventurers!

Alongside the existing Ethermon, new adventure monsters can now be found in Adventure Mode in the beautifully newly rendered map.

There are currently 18 Mon classes that can be caught in Adventure Mode.

During this rotation, 6 new Ethermon classes will be rotated in (replacing some existing Mons), including 1 New Legendary mon: Vaudequin.

Legendary Ethermon will only stay for one rotation lasting 12–16 weeks (or until a minimum of 3 are caught).

New Adventure Monster drop rates will be as follows:

  • Legendary - 0.1% chance (at each of the 3 sites where it can be found)
  • 3-Form* - 1.50% chance (at each of the 6 site where it can be found)
  • 2-Form** - 5.00% chance (at each of the 9 site where it can be found)

*3-Form Ethermon can evolve into form 2 then form 3
**2-Form Ethermon only have 1 evolution (form2)

As a result of the amendments in drop rate, Vaudequin, the Legendary Mon, will be more difficult to catch than previous Legendaries. However, it will also be amongst the most powerful Mons in game!

Generally, 2nd Form Mons will be easier to catch by adventurers, however the rest of the Adventure Mons which are composed of 3rd Form Mons, will also be also be tougher to catch.

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Adventure Loot Balancing Changes

Level Stones:
+1 Level Stone: 2.5% chance to drop (reducing from 5%)
+2 Level Stone: 0% chance to drop (no longer available)

As a balancing mechanism for the removal of Level Stones we have introduced a new and powerful EXP bottle. The EXP bottle will drop at most site 45% of the time, which provide a minimum of 500 EXP, with a chance to get a Super EXP Bottle worth 20,000 EXP at 4% chance.

As a result of the above changes, this also means 50 EXP, 100 EXP and 200 EXP bottles will no longer drop.

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The EMONT drop amount (when found) have been increased significantly with a reward range from 10-100 EMONT. Chance for EMONT drop will now be ~1% (varies by site)

Adventure Fees will remain the same at 15 EMONT or 0.01 ETH.

Enjoy Your New Adventures!

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