Ethermon — Prize Tournament II & Major Updates

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Prize Tournament II will commence on September 10th 14:00 UTC and run until September 17th 14:00 UTC. Players will be able to compete for over $1000 worth of prizes — and we have made this tournament truly fair for all participants (see New Features).


The rules are simple:

  1. Mons are restricted to Form-1 (first evolution) & Level 30 or below on entry.
  2. Enter you team by clicking on the “Tournament II” button on this page and then the “Form Team” button at the top.
  • You need a minimum of 3 Attacker Mons to form a team, the starter Mons are okay (see Off-Chain Mons below under New Features for how to get them for free) - additionally you can include 3 Support Mons to provide buffs (check out what “Ancestors” and “Gasons” can do here).

3. Once the tournament starts, use energy to battle opponents and climb the Tournament Leaderboard.

  • It costs 2 energy per battle. Your account will automatically receive energy every 12 hours at 2 AM/PM UTC (see Free Energy System below under New Features). You are allowed to change up your team whenever, but it costs 4 energy to do so. Spend your energy wisely!

4. There will be 8 winners for this tournament. If you are in the Top 8 on the Leaderboard when the tournament ends you win! Simple as that.

  • Note: your Mons are allowed to exceed level 30 during the Tournament, so long as they were level 30 or below when they were entered before the Tournament start.

Please note: an energy reset will occur before the tournament any one with excess energy above 50 is spent, please have them spent before the tournament start or a reset will occur right before the tournament capping the user to 50. For special case handling please ping @Ether#9999 for assistance.

*Multi-account use is NOT allowed. Anyone found to be using multiple accounts to attack yourself or others will be disqualified for prizes and manually removed from the tournament.


1st Place = 250 USDT + 2500 EMONT
2nd Place = 150 USDT + 1500 EMONT
3rd Place = 100 USDT + 1000 EMONT
4th - 8th Place = 100 USDT Each

Pre-Tournament Raffle:

Participants are encouraged to form their team and enter the tournament BEFORE the tournament starts. All players that do so will be entered into a raffle for a DCL Ethermon Jersey Wearable (valued at 0.35 ETH). The raffle winner will be drawn on September 10th 15:00 UTC (1 hour after tournament start) in the #giveaways channel in the Ethermon Discord.

New Features:

Mon Restrictions — When selecting your team, only Mons that meet the tournament restrictions will be eligible. This means that only legitimate teams will be able to participate. All battles will count!

Tournament Leaderboard — In addition to the ranked leaderboard, we now have a leaderboard specifically for tournaments! Being that only eligible teams can enter, the leaderboard will display real-time results, and there will be no delay in announcing the tournament winners and delivering prizes.

Free Energy System— Players with the 3 free starter Mons will automatically receive 10 energy every 12 hours. Players with 3+ non-starter Mons will receive 20 energy every 12 hours. Players holding at least 1000 EMONT will receive an additional 10 energy every 12 hours. Make sure to use your energy, if you don’t use it you won’t get more on top (i.e. if I get 20 free energy every day but only spend 10, I’ll only get 10 the next day. Your max is 20 and it will refill up to that point.)

*This is a system we will continue to develop. With gas being so high we wanted to eliminate unnecessary transactions like claiming free energy. We are also removing the ability to purchase energy — this will reduce the “spenders” advantage during tournaments.

Off-Chain Mons — New accounts will automatically receive the 3 starter Mons when they register and verify an email. This is also to combat high gas prices — we wanted to eliminate the barrier to entry for brand new players.

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