Ethermon Rookie Tournament

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The Ethermon Rookie Tournament will commence on May 3rd 14:30 UTC and will present both rookie and veteran players the opportunity to win over 3 ETH worth of prizes!

The tournament will run until May 10th 14:30 UTC and is free to enter for everyone!

There will be a total of 7 winners for this specific tournament and a single Mon-Trainer can win more than one prize:

Prize 1: The Mon-trainer at the top of the Leaderboard at the end of the tournament (Rank 1).

(1 Winner) : 1 ETH + 1000 EMONT + 1 Cannubis Mon

Prize 2: The Mon-trainer with the most total wins at the end of the tournament.

(1 Winner) : 0.5 ETH + 500 EMONT + 1 Cannubis Mon

If you are competing for the following prizes you are NOT allowed to purchase additional energy and you MUST start with 50 or less “Energy Left”.

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You can use “Free Claim” to get more energy once the tournament starts, but you CANNOT purchase any additional energy — we will be tracking this.

Prize 3: The single Mon that gains the most total experience by the end of the tournament.

(5 Winners) : 0.1 ETH + 100 EMONT Each

When the tournament commences there will be a button labeled “Tournament #1” .

To start the tournament, your attacking team MUST consist of Mons which are form-1 (first evolution). Legendary Mons are excluded.

To be eligible for Prizes 1 & 2, your Mons MUST start with an off-chain level of 30 or less. For Prize 3, your Mons MUST start with an off-chain level of 10 or less.

*You can check your Mon’s off-chain level in Ranked Mode or claim the Mon’s off-chain exp to be certain. Your supporting Mons can be of any form or level.

It is permitted for Mons to gain experience and levels by battling in the tournament, but they are forbidden from gaining experience in any other manner. This means entrees cannot use EXP potions or level stones.

Your Mons can reach a MAX level of 45 through battling before they need to be substituted for another Mon that meets the starting level requirements.

*All Mon exp and battles will be tracked. Any Mons that gain experience outside of the tournament or battle at a level greater than 45 will be disqualified and their subsequent battles will not be counted. Any battles which occur with one or more Form 2, Form 3, or Legendary Mons will also not be counted.

If we suspect any Mon-trainers to be purposefully cheating the system, we reserve the right to ban them from this tournament and all future tournaments (this includes taking advantage of multiple accounts).

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Future tournaments will have their own unique rules and restrictions involving: level caps, elemental types, evolution forms, Mon generations and so on. Tournaments will be announced well ahead of time so that players can prepare. As of now, we are planning for another tournament to start on May 31st.

We believe that holding frequent and consistent tournaments will create permanent value for Ethermon assets. We hope the community enjoys The Ethermon Rookie Tournament!

Time to start getting your teams ready!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out in our discord.

The Ethermon Team

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Collect, train, battle and join epic adventures with your cute little Monsters on the blockchain. Discord:

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