Ethermon: Scalability and Mass Adoption Challenges Revisited

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The Industry’s Challenge

In addition to high-gas prices, our community members, as well as new players, have indicated a desire for the Ethermon team to reduce playing costs in order to reduce barriers for entrance.

To tackle the challenges presented by our community members’ and allow for a more seamless on boarding experience for non-crypto users, we are presenting some additional short-term solutions to expand the Ethermon stack. Meanwhile, our long term approach will be to explore the integration of innovative plasma-chain solutions such as those offered by MATIC Network, in order to present viable on-chain solutions to these challenges.

Ethermon’s Adaptation (Recap)

By moving battles off-chain, battles will be processed almost immediately, as well as reduce the number of encounters with scalability issues or gas price fluctuations. Simultaneously, experience gains and rewards (EMONT) will continue to occur on the Ethereum network via traditional transactions.

In-game assets will remain on-chain and fully owned by users.

Ethermon’s Mass Adoption Proposals

Future On Chain Solutions

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As a long-term solution, The Ethermon Team are evaluating MATIC Network’s plasma-chain solutions as a solution for scalability in Ethermon. We believe this will allow for:

  1. High visibility transactions: stored on-chain (such as battle results of high value cash prize tournaments).
  2. Cost effective storage contract upgrades: small value item creation and similar asset use-cases (micro-transactions).
  3. Reduced gas prices and increased speeds: transactions at a fraction of the cost with increased speeds whilst retaining the ability to synchronise with Ethereum’s main chain.

Game-Play Changes and Interface Changes

Battles: no longer require a per battle TX fee. We have introduced an energy system that works for battles, including Practice and Ranked mode.
Energy consumption: each Practice and Ranked match costs 2 energy.
Energy supply: Free claim: 1 free energy is supplied per hour. You can claim up to 10 free energy each time.
Energy packs: are available to top up energy with ETH and EMONT.

Ranked Mode reward
For every win in Ranked Mode you can claim 0.2 EMONT.

On-chain data syncing
Interacting with smart contracts is required to sync data on-chain. This is needed when players need to transform Mons, upgrade their token on chain with Shards, Level Stones (and other adventure loots); as well as claiming their experience level on chain so it’s forever stored on the blockchain!

Battle page
We are calling on our community members to provide further detail and discussion to drive further improvements as part of the Battle Page. Jump onto our Discord Server and have chat with us!

Kind Regards,

The Ethermon team

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