Ethermon X Flowerpatch: Cannubis Birthday 4/20/2020 Catchable til 4/30/2020 ONLY!

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With Celebration of Cannabis Holiday, we are will also be celebrating the birth of Cannubis the Phantom Leaf Ethermon Pup!

Cannubis the Ethermon will be Catchable in the Ethermon official store for only *10 days starting 4/20 but rumors has it that it she has already been sighted roaming the flower patches at see if you can snatch her sleeping amongst the flowerpatch (she appears in loot crates looking like gift boxes)

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Flowerpath (Loot Box Primer)

There will also be a a surprise big drop of 100 loot boxes on 4/20/2020 20:20 UTC make sure you bookmark and don’t miss the big drop and you chance to get Cannubis!

Cannubis is known as the Phantom Leaf, this perennial pup travelled from the distant lands of Flowerpatch, where he served as a vigilant protector from pests. This perennial pup can be fetched from the ether at the high time of the year.

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Cannubis is Epic. One of the best breed Ethermon!

Through accolades of victory and rigorous grinding, Keefo emerges as a stealthy shadow boxer with a fire in its eye. Keefos mysterious aura have powerful effects such as keeping annoying pests and critters miles away.

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The Warrior Shaman Ethermon, Duwat uses its otherworldly knowledge and prowess to traverse the battlefield. Duwat are said to escort the souls of lost Mon through the Ether

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