Ethermon’s Biggest 3D Update Yet — Guilds, Multiplayer, Delegation/Scholarships, Legends, New P2E & so much more…

8 min readMar 2, 2023

The Ethermon team has been quietly building during the bear market and we are excited to announce our biggest Decentraland update yet.

This write-up will be lengthy, so I’ll put the TL;DR at the top:

  • Ethermon has launched Guilds in Decentraland along with a new dedicated DCL webpage — HERE
  • There is a new competitive/multiplayer Guild game mode that starts on Friday 3/3 @ 2:00PM UTC and runs weekly with prizes
  • Guild Leaders & Members can delegate their Mons to other Guild Members/Scholars to earn both passively & actively by owning Mons & Ethermon Legends
  • Ethermon Legends are back up for sale on Friday 3/3 @ 5PM UTC — HERE

DCL Hub Website, Guild Management & Mon Delegation:

Our 3D game is inspired by the MMORPGs we all know and love. That being said, it has many features & intricacies. Our new dedicated DCL website serves as a hub for information and management of all Guild related features.

Ethermon Decentraland Hub Website

Features included:

Handbook — The one-stop-shop for all the information you need: Getting Started, Guides, Supported Mons List, Enemies/Battle Moves/Crafting breakdowns, and more.

Guilds — Create your own Guild or apply to join one. See Guild info, members and active & completed quests. Track Guild progress for quests and the Guild Event. Make decisions as a Guild Leader for the Guild vs. Guild competition.

Quests — Accept both solo & Guild quests and see a breakdown of quest rewards, requirements, etc.

Leaderboard — Track the competition for the Weekly Guild Ladder each week and see a history of all actions take by Guild Leaders.

How to Create a Guild:

Step 1: Go to Ethermon’s dedicated DCL Website and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Click on the + New Guild button in the top right of the screen.

Step 3: Fill out the Create New Guild form. You must fill out all of the fields.

Note: the Status, Cost & Restrictions fields have been added but not turned on yet. Guild Size is currently defaulted to 10 members max (subject to change).

In the future, Guild Leaders can Open/Close their Guild to Applicants, set an entry fee in EMON & add requirements such as minimum number of Mons, minimum Mon level & minimum Mon rarity if they choose.

You can always edit these settings later.

Guild Management:

Once you have created a Guild the + New Guild button will now say My Guild.

Once you’re on this page, click on ‘New Members’ to Accept or Reject Guild applicants.

All Guild Members will appear on the Members Page. You can promote, demote & kick members here.

There are currently 3 Guild “Roles” — Owner, Admin & Member. This can be used internally for Guild organization, but it will also determine EMON payouts for Guilds that win the competitions.

Go to the Settings page to edit these payouts, as well as make changes to the fields you set when you created your Guild.

Note: Owner payout will default to 100% (100/0/0). Admin & Member percentages represent the total percentage split by members with that role. For example, if I have 0 Admins & 5 Members and set the amounts to 50/0/50, the Owner would be at 50% and each of the members would be at 10%.

How to Delegate Mons:

Anyone in the Guild can delegate their Mons for their fellow Guild Members to use. For every Ethermon Legend PFP that you own, you can delegate up to 3 Mons.

Currently, this process happens entirely off-chain. The delegator can send their Mons and call them back whenever they want without needing to pay any gas.

Step 1: Click on the Delegation button to bring up a page of your supported DCL Mons.

Step 2: Choose a Mon and click Delegate. Then select which Guild Member to delegate to.

Once a Mon is delegated, it will look like this. Click Call Back to end the delegation.

Delegated Mons will continue to gain DXP as normal. Delegate Mons so that Guild Members can level them up for you, and earn rewards together. This is great for onboarding new members that are familiar with NFT Guilds and for competitive players to share Mons amongst each other for better synergies.

New Multiplayer Guild Game Mode:

Our game is inspired by MMORPGs, but it has been entirely single player up to this point. This new game mode, along with Guilds, will add a multiplayer aspect that requires synergy amongst Guild Members, as well as strategy to outscore other Guilds and stay on top.

The goal of this game mode is for your Guild to have the most Leaderboard Points at the end of each weekly period.

You’ll notice both in-world and on the website that there is a new Guild Leaderboard. For this guide, we will focus on the website Leaderboard (they are the same).

The Leaderboard is comprised of 3 variables: Leaderboard Points, Fortification Points & Action Points.


At the start of each ladder, Guilds will be reset to 1000 Leaderboard Points, 0 Fortification Points & 0 Action Points.

Leaderboard Points — all Guild Member battles contribute to your Guild’s total Leaderboard Points. Accumulate Leaderboard points by defeating enemies in Forest Biome 1 and the newly released Swamp Biome 2.

The amount of points gained is determined by the level difference between your battling mon and the enemy. Essentially, you get more points for defeating more difficult enemies, which are color coded in game.

0 points — Mon level minus 6 and below (grey named enemies)
1 point — Mon level minus 5 to current level (green named enemies)
2 points — Current level to Mon level plus 5 (yellow named enemies)
3 points — Mon level plus 6 and above (red named enemies)

Keep in mind, fighting higher level enemies is risky. If your Mons die, you need to wait for them to regenerate health automatically.

Fortification & Action Points — by killing the brand new ‘Guild Bosses’ and completing specific quests, your Guild will accumulate Action Points. Action Points have two uses: Attack other Guilds or add a Fortification to your own.

Attacks and Fortifications work the following way:

By using 1 Action Point I can attack another Guild. If that Guild has at least 1 Fortification, 1 Fortification will be removed. If that Guild has 0 Fortifications, their Leaderboard Points are reduced by 10% and the attacking Guild will steal those points for themselves!

This new game mode will require Guild efficiency to accumulate points & defeat bosses and strategy when deciding to attack another guild or defend your own.

Guild Bosses & Collecting Action Points:

As mentioned above, Guild Members can fight Guild Bosses together to gain Action Points.

To summon a Guild Boss first the Guild Leader must accept ‘Guild Summoning Quest I’ on the quests page.

This quest is repetitive, meaning that a guild can complete it as many times as they want during the duration of the weekly ladder.

This week, the quest requires Guild Members to gather 5 x ‘Rage in Bottle’ items and deposit them in the Guild Chest, located in the Guild House.

Depositing 5 x Rage in Bottle will summon a Guild Boss outside of the Guild House.

Only 1 boss can be summoned at a time and it can only be fought by one player at any given moment, BUT boss health is progressive, meaning that a Guild can work together to defeat it.

Bosses are meant to be difficult and will require teamwork and coordination amongst Guild members. Each boss defeated will award the Guild 5 Action Points.

There are other ways to collect Action Points. Specifically, Quests.

At the start of this weekly ladder, Guild Leaders should also accept the ‘Guild Hunting Quest’.

For every 200 Grey Wolves killed, the Guild will be awarded 1 Action Point.

Stack this quest while gaining points and defeating bosses, and specialize in it for lower level guilds while grinding levels to be able to defeat the bosses.


We will continue to balance the prize rewards as new players come in and balance adjustments are made (and likely switch to Top 10 rather than Top 3) but the following rewards will be given to the Top 3 finishers on the Leaderboard at Friday 3/10 2PM UTC.

1st — 40,000 $EMON + 3 Ethermon Duscre Wearables + 3 random Mons + 10 DCL Move Boxes (1 epic, 2 rare, 3 uncommon & 5 common)

2nd — 20,000 $EMON + 2 Ethermon Duscre Wearables + 2 random Mons + 10 DCL Move Boxes (1 rare, 4 uncommon & 5 common)

3rd — 10,000 $EMON + 1 Duscre Wearable + 1 random Mon + 5 DCL Move Boxes (1 rare, 1 uncommon & 3 common)


EMON rewards will be distributed based on the percentage payout breakdowns set by the Guild Leader at the beginning of each weekly ladder.

All wearable prizes will be sent (on Polygon) to the Guild Leader. It is their responsibility to distribute amongst their Guild Members.

For now, DCL move boxes will also all be distributed all to the Guild Leader.

Prizes are subject to change each week.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Are you ready to battle?

Head to the Ethermon Plaza with your newly formed Guild and start battling enemies, leveling up, collecting loot and earning!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

What’s coming next?

- Upgraded battle FX for all DCL battle Moves
- Move boxes & consumables purchasable in $EMON
- Move & Equipment upgrading
- Further Guild benefits for holding $EMON & Legends
- Additional Event with a brand new Mon!




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