Ethermon’s Biggest Update Yet!

We’re proud to announce that Ethermon has acquired the rights to deploy on all 668 LAND of The Battleground District!

You know what that means… we’re turning Ethermon into a full-fledged MMORPG right here in Decentraland.

All Mons, both new and old, will be cross-compatible on our main site and in DCL.

You’ll be able to use them in skill based PvE & PvP battles, to catch wild Mons, to fight in towers, dungeons & gyms, to find mysterious loot, skins & wearables, and so much more.

Announcement Video

We’re designing the district with two major objectives in mind:

1) Strong focus on Play-to-Earn in more fun and creative ways
2) Keeping players continuously engaged when visiting Decentraland

We are super excited to be able to expand Ethermon with such a large-scale deployment in DCL. We are putting maximum time, effort & capital into this project and are committed long-term to grow alongside Decentraland.

We have begun the process of expanding the team to be able to deliver new content and features faster.

KJ Walker (Kat) and the incredible team over at will be helping us bring this district to life with their extensive experience in 3D modelling and animation.

So, what can you expect?

By the end of the 2020 year, we’ll have the Ethermon Town Center up and running. This will act as the main hub of the district where players will gather to communicate, engage in trade, prepare for battle, recover their Mons, buy consumables & skins, etc.

Along with the Town Center, 3 Towers/Dungeons will surround the immediate area. Players can compete to defeat difficult enemies and climb to the top to unlock rare rewards. 1 of these Towers will be available to all players, the other 2 will only be accessible with specific Mons — these Mons will be obtainable through our Egg Nest Meta. Yarmeow, the rarest of these Mons which will be needed to unlock the 3rd Tower, will only be available from 10/19 to 10/26 during our Egg Event.

Ethermon has traditionally been an auto-battle, team-building game, but this is all about to change. While each Mon’s stats from the traditional game will carry over, all battles in DCL will be turn & skill based with a focus on unlocking battle moves for each of your Mons.

We’ll use this period to balance the new battle system and make the necessary adjustments. We’ll also be releasing Mons into 3D in batches (as we model/animate each) — eventually, all 300+ Mons will be usable in DCL.

What’s after that?

All non-developed LAND will initially be walled off. Our plan is to release pieces of the district in segments. After the Town Center, we’ll be releasing a series of landscapes & biomes where you’ll be able to venture out to fight & capture wild Mons. These wild Mons will get progressively stronger as you venture out farther and will aggro you — so exploring will be a challenge.

After that, we’ll be releasing a series of Gyms — where if you defeat the Gym Leader, you’ll become the new Leader and will earn until someone else comes and claims your spot.

Being that the district so large, that means we have a lot of height to work with. Our Phase 1 of development will cover the entire “Main Layer”, but we are purposely leaving enough room for a Dungeon & Sky layer.

There are a lot of different directions we can take development, that’s why we’ll be releasing the district in pieces. We want to be able to study what the players like most and be flexible.

We’ll also be recruiting a group of alpha-testers — if this something you’d be interested in, please reach out to EB | in the Ethermon Discord.

What about the main site?

Of course, we will continue to develop the main site. One won’t outshine the other, and remember — all Mons are cross-compatible on both platforms. Players will be rewarded for their progress on both.

What about existing Meta’s?

One thing we want to make abundantly clear — even though we will be driving traffic to the district we will not be overshadowing Meta’s and Meta owners. There will be clear needs to visit Meta’s as well as teleports both in and out of the district (district -> Meta and vice versa).

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Please join our discord and follow our Twitter to stay up to date on our latest progress. We look forward to having you in the community!

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