Updates to Competitive Play!

We’ve seen how much the community enjoys Tournament Mode - we want to build that feeling of competition and excitement into all battles!

Starting today, 3 new competitive ladders will be added to the battle page. Each ladder will have its own specific Mon restrictions, similar to Tournament mode — this means only certain Mons can battle in a given ladder. Each ladder will have their own start time, duration, leader-board, rules & prizes.

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Ladder #1 (Beginner): Level 1–30, Form 1’s Only
Ladder #2 (Medium): Level 1–60, Any Form Allowed
Ladder #3 (Expert): Free-For-All, Any Mon Allowed

*There will be a countdown for each ladder before you can battle, but you can form your teams ahead of time.

Think of each ladder as a mini-tournament. Once the ladder duration timer has finished, the winner will be announced, the prizes will be delivered, and the ladder will reset. After a short cool-down, it will be time to compete again! You’ll be able to use your Mons to compete for prizes every single week!

For now, prizes will be delivered manually, but we plan to add many more ladders over time & automate the process. We want all Mons to be viable in battle and we want to force Mon-Trainers to be strategic with where they use their free energy!

You can check the rules & prizes by hovering on the buttons below each ladder. For this first week, each ladder will award 100 EMONT for the 1st Place winners. The winner of each ladder will also be given 1“Tournament Point” - these will be explained at a later date. As more and more players enter, we will up the prizes.

In the following 1-2 weeks you can also expect:

  • Energy System rework (more ways to unlock free energy)
  • Quest System rework (more/better rewards for playing)
  • Complete site UI change
  • More ways to use/spend EMONT

Specific Competitive Rules:

  • You can’t use the same Mon in multiple ladders. If it says your Mon already exists in another Tournament, that means it is currently on a team in another ladder. Any issues with this please reach out.
  • All participants in each ladder will start with 250 Ladder Points.
  • If your Mon exceeds the level/form requirement in the middle of the competition, you will need to sub it out (i.e. your Mon grows from level 30 -> 31 in Ladder #1). Mons that don’t meet the ladder requirements will NOT be able to attack or be attacked.
  • The winner will be whoever is at the top of each respective leader-board when the timer duration expires. After a short period, the ladder will reset everyone back to 250 Ladder Points.
  • Anyone found to be using multiple accounts to attack themselves or manipulate the rankings will lose their battle privileges in that specific ladder.

Collect, train, battle and join epic adventures with your cute little Monsters on the blockchain. Discord: https://discord.gg/r6h2Dc9

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